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The RVCA brand has transcended streetwear culture over the last couple years to become one of the more popular brands out. The skateboard and surf inspired clothing is more than just clothing. The design-driven RVCA (pronounced ru-ka) brand combines art, culture, music, and fashion in a way that promotes creativity and modern lifestyle. The Costa Mesa, California based company is as much concerned with giving back to the subcultures that inspire them, as they are with offering creative designs. It’s this approach that has them continuously gaining popularity.

RVCA sponsors both athletes and creative types alike, including UFC fighter BJ Penn, musicians Jack Johnson and Mickey Avalon, skateboarders Keegan Sauder and Cory Kennedy, surfer Makua Rothman, and many more artists and athletes. Their Artist Network Program serves as a platform for artists to connect with communities and other artists, as well as share their own creativity.

The latest RVCA clothing will be shipping from Eastbay beginning next week, but you can pre-order now. The RVCA collection includes tee shirts, hoodies, button-ups, cargo shorts and more.

Available for pre-order now: RVCA Clothing

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