The National Football League’s official sponsor Reebok has introduced their latest football cleats, the U-Form 4Speed Mid SD4. The cleat features U-Form technology which allows you to heat them up in the oven and then lace them tight so they form to your foot.

Available Now: Reebok U-Form Football Cleats.

This allows for a nice custom fit and breaks the cleats in without losing its structure. The process can be repeated as many times as needed. A custom fit with football cleats makes sure the foot is stable and doesn’t slide around inside the cleat. The cleats are constructed with a soft, synthetic upper with micro-perforation zones for breathability. Reebok has developed multiple technologies with this cleat in order to make it as comfortable and advanced as possible for the high performing athlete.

Dallas Cowboys DE DeMarcus Ware baking a pair of Reebok U-Form Cleats

How to do the U-Form Custom Fit process: Heat your shoes in the oven at 200-degrees Fahrenheit for 3 minutes. Take them out, put them on your feet and lace them tight. By doing so the cleat will form to the shape of your foot. To ensure proper and lasting fit, sit down, relax and let the shoe form to the shape of your foot for eight minutes. Once the shoe has cooled, it will retain the shape of your foot, providing a perfect custom fit.

The lockdown is crucial because your foot won’t slide around in the shoe. Your movements will be more efficient and more accurate because you won’t be compensating for a bulky cleat.

The upper feels a bit rubbery along the sides. The toe vamp is “under glass” synthetic leather.

The mesh tongue is cushioned for comfort to alleviate lace pressure, but still with a birdseye mesh outer fabric to let heat and moisture escape quickly. Reebok’s PlayDry┬« lining is smooth and slippery to the touch for step-in comfort, with the added benefit of its moisture-wicking qualities.

A special cushioned heel cup is attached to the back to add a new level of comfort and support, and it also keeps your foot pushed forward in the shoe so you get a more effective lockdown.The slits along the sides add a fast-looking graphic detail but also function as vents to let heat and moisture escape. Another purpose for this feature is to help the material form more closely to the shape of your foot in the same way a slinky is more flexible than a hula-hoop.

MorTrac FGT cleats are twisted with three groove channels on each stud to allow multidirectional traction, ideal for quick pivots and lateral moves. Hardlink arch support adds a sturdy chassis that guides your stride and makes this shoe ideal for linemen.

Other ways it ties to our Bottoms Up philosophy is the mid-height profile with ankle support and the low center-of-gravity weight distribution. The seven-stud configuration is pretty standard for the industry and puts more of the traction points under the balls of the foot where you are pushing off for the hard drives forward at the ideal 60┬║ position.

Secondary studs in between the main studs add a back-up level of traction to prevent skids and provide another point of contact when you are digging down to launch forward. Another benefit of the U-Form custom fit process is that it can be repeated over and over again without losing structural integrity.