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Although the pride of Pittsburgh took a hit after the Super Bowl loss (as did the Black and Yellow anthem, thankfully) in our last NFL Watch, that doesn’t mean that many of you aren’t on the lookout for deals to go with your own school’s or team’s Black and Yellow uniforms. If you fall into that category, or if you’re just a die-hard Black and Yellow fan, you might want to check out the sale price on the Reebok U-Form 4Speed Mid SD4.

The football cleat with hockey origins is ready to be heated in the oven and custom fit to your foot. Not only will the custom fit ensure stability and reduce slippage, the half-inch Mortrac FGT cleats and Hardlink arch stability support optimum traction as well. An ortholite dual-layer footbed takes up residence on the inside to provide cushioning while you’re digging up dirt. The cool thing about the U-Form technology is that you can repeat the heating process whenever you feel it’s necessary and freshen up that custom fit.

Available now: Reebok U-Form 4Speed Mid SD4

Reebok U-Form 4Speed Mid SD4Reebok U-Form 4Speed Mid SD4Reebok U-Form 4Speed Mid SD4