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When future Hall of Famer Allen Iverson arrived in Philadelphia in 1996, he suited up in the 76ers traditional red, white and blue colors en route to Rookie of the Year honors. However, in his second season, the Sixers underwent an image overhaul that included new uniforms and the introduction of black and gold to the team palette. Iverson would go on to wear the new colors for the remainder of his stay in Philly, traded to the Denver Nuggets three seasons before Philadelphia decided to go back to red, white and blue in 2009-2010.

Paying tribute to the legend and his earliest days in Philadelphia, Reebok Classics has released Allen’s Answer IV signature shoe in limited edition “PHILA Pack” colorway.

The shoe Iverson wore during his MVP and NBA Finals campaign in 2000-2001 is available in new red and blue-based colorways, each accented by the other and a contrasting white “wing” detail. Shoes feature leather and suede contraction, along with Iverson-specific details on the insoles and outsoles.

Iverson’s NBA career may be over, but he surely hasn’t been forgotten. Pick up the newest colorways of his classic¬†Reebok basketball shoes today.

Available: Reebok Answer IV РPHILA Pack

Reebok Answer IV PHILA Pack Red

Reebok Answer IV PHILA Pack Blue

Allen Iverson, Philadelphia 76ers 1996

game shot via Yahoo