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Kendall Marshall Interview In preparation for the upcoming NBA draft, this week, we are taking a look at some of the players to watch for next college season. One of these players is Kendall Marshall, who we met up with at the 2010 Jordan Brand Classic.

Kendall Marshall
Height: 6-4
Weight: 180
Position: Guard
High School: Bishop O’Connell High School; Arlington, VA
Hometown: Dumfries, VA
College: North Carolina

Court vision and leadership are about as important as it gets for a true point guard, and those are some of the aspects of Kendall Marshall’s game that helped land him a spot at the University of North Carolina. After averaging double digits in the assist department his senior season, Marshall hopes to be a difference-maker in his freshman season as a Tar Heel with his excellent hoops IQ.

Zac Dubasik: How did your senior season go, and how did you end up finding out you were chosen to play in the Jordan Brand Classic?
Kendall Marshall: My senior season had some rough spots, but we ended up on a high note, winning the state championship, which was great. Being invited to this game was like icing on the cake for me. I got the call about a week before they put it on TV, and I was very excited.

How does the Jordan Brand Classic stack up to any of the other all-star games you’ve played in?
The Jordan Brand game is definitely more appealing, because it is Michael Jordan. And the prestige of playing at Madison Square Garden is unlike any other event, and I’m definitely looking forward to it.

Kendall Marshall Interview

Have you been a Jordan Brand and sneaker fan for a long time?
I’ve always been a die-hard Jordan collector. I have a shoe fetish, and I love buying Jordans. One of my goals, if I’m someday able to make it to the NBA, is to be on Team Jordan.

And you are going to the University of North Carolina for college, which is a Jordan Brand school, so you’ll be able to keep wearing them there.
I’m definitely looking forward to it.

Do you have any personal goals for your freshman season?
My personal goals for my first year at North Carolina are that I definitely want to start. Hopefully I can be on the All-ACC freshman team. I want to make it to the Final Four as a freshman and just have a successful season.

Was making it to games like this a goal during your high school career?
Without a doubt. You play with these guys all over during the summer, and you know that one of the biggest goals is to make these all-star games. So just to see each other again, and see that we are all working hard to get to that next point is our motivation.

Kendall Marshall Interview

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