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Three of DC Comics’ oldest superheroes will be forever tied to the sneaker world in the near future. Superman, who originated in 1938, and Green Lantern and Flash, who both originated in 1940, may have already made a name for themselves in the world of comics, but now become enshrined in a different form of pop culture.

The three superheroes are the inspiration behind these upcoming colorways of the Nike Zoom Huarache Trainer. The Superheroes Pack will launch this week with the release of the Flash-inspired red and orange colorway of the Zoom Huarache Trainer, which comes in a mix of leather and neoprene materials and that unforgettable exoskeleton design.

Superman and Green Lantern will get their sneaker fame in the coming months, but we have a preview of the designs below.

Available now: Nike Zoom Huarache Trainer “Flash”

Nike Zoom Huarache Trainer "Flash"

Nike Zoom Huarache Trainer "Superman"Nike Zoom Huarache Trainer "Green Lantern"