words // Brandon Richard

Just when you thought the Tim Tebow phenomenon couldn’t grow any larger, an offseason trade sent him from the mountainous terrain of Denver, Colorado to the bright lights of New York City, where he’ll back up Mark Sanchez as the quarterback of the New York Jets. For J-E-T-S fans looking to show support for the newest star on Broadway, Nike has released two shirts representing the former Heisman Trophy winner. First is the “In The City” tee, which comes in Fir Green and reads “Tebow In The City” across the chest. Additionally, there’s the “Helmet” shirt, a white-based style that surrounds the Jets’ on-field headgear with the words “NY” and “Tebow.”

These NFL T-Shirts and much more are available now at Eastbay.

Available: Nike New York Tebow T-Shirts


Nike Tebow in the City T-Shirt

Nike New York Tebow T-Shirt