words // Tim Dunn

If you can’t be caught, you can’t be tackled. That’s why Nike created the Vapor Carbon 2014 Elite.

Built using 3-D printing technology, the Vapor Carbon 2014 Elite has taken the innovations first found in the Vapor Laser Talon and evolved them into a cleat designed to maximize multi-directional speed on the football field. Always a vital component of the game, many cleats aim to offer exceptional traction and increased speed, but Nike went about achieving this goal in a unique way. They analyzed the moment of propulsion and found that with previous cleat designs, there was a tiny amount of slippage occurring when players launched off the line. To combat this slippage, they came up with a special cleat design that somewhat resembles a shovel. These cleats dig into the ground and drastically reduce slippage, giving you the edge that could mean the difference between a touchdown and a turnover on downs.

What does this mean for you? It means you can outmaneuver defenders at the drop of a dime. Flywire technology locks down your foot to eliminate slippage that can slow you down, while the cutting-edge cleat design combines with an adaptive V plate to ensure your takeoff is explosive. And it’s not just about straight-line speed; the innovative cleat plate has studs developed to increase backpedaling speed, and side-shovel cleats for quick, lateral cuts.

Previously released in a wide array of colors, this revolutionary cleat is now releasing in team-specific colorways for all 32 NFL teams. Now, every time you step on the field, you can rep your team with pride. Check out the colorways for the AFC and NFC Division Champs below, and follow the link to see all 32 colorways and find your team.

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