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As much as it may seem like the new standard operating procedure for Brett Favre to stroll into his team’s pre-season practice at his leisure, and as much as it may be the most over-talked-about gossip that the league has ever seen, it is still impossible to avoid talking about Brett Favre returning to the NFL for another season of football.

Brett Favre returns to the Minnesota Vikings for 2010 NFL Season.Even though most of us are exhausted from the annual “Favre Watch” that has become the beginning of the pre-season, as a football fan it’s hard to deny the passion and excitement for the game that Brett Favre will bring to the Minnesota Vikings for the 2010 NFL Season.

It’s hard to argue with last season’s statistics – a quarterback rating of 107.2, a completion percentage of 68.4 percent and an interception percentage of just 1.3 percent – which were all career bests for the 40-year-old. For someone that owns a handful of the NFL’s most sought-after passing records in the history books, it’s hard to argue that he is getting too old.

Aside from having more interceptions over his career than any other quarterback in history, Favre holds the highest career numbers in a number of impressive categories as well, including completions, attempts, passing yards and touchdowns thrown. Last year he was sacked 34 times, giving Favre 503 for his career and currently only John Elway has been sacked more times at 516. Favre will undoubtedly add that record to his name before the upcoming season ends.

Although he might not have the mobility he once had, he has become more precise with his passing, which has offset those slightly slower moving legs. Furthermore, Favre has never been afraid to take a hit – last season’s sack total proves that. What separates him from other QB’s is his love for the game; he has fun doing it, even getting sacked it seems. Most of us can recall at least one moment throughout his career where he was taken down only to hop up and give a congratulatory pat on the helmet to the defender that laid him out.

The man’s sportsmanship and desire to play the game has never been the question. Unfortunately for Favre and the previous 19 seasons in the league, the real question remains to be the same.

Does Brett Favre have what it takes to lead his team to a Super Bowl victory?

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