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Just like every year the 2009-2010 NBA rookie class has had its share of ups and downs, most definitely surprises. After the NBA Draft in the last off-season, the two players that most expected to be in the running for the 2010 Rookie of the Year at the end of this year, are nowhere to be seen. Instead of the top two picks, big men Blake Griffin and Hasheem Thabeet, being the top two performers out of the rookie class, a trio of guards stepped up into the limelight.Tyreke Evans Wins Rookie of the Year

Brandon Jennings of Milwaukee, and Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors, both had incredible years and both players had great numbers. Curry finished with 17.5 points per game, 5.9 assists per game, and 1.9 steals per game but the Warriors still finished with four less wins than the 2008-2009 season.

Brandon Jennings dropped 55 against Curry and the Warriors early in the season, becoming the youngest player to ever score 55 points in a game. Brandon’s season efforts netted the Bucks an additional 11 wins compared to last year’s totals. To his credit, Jennings is still carrying the Milwaukee Bucks in the 2010 NBA Playoffs.

This year’s Rookie of the Year Award took one of the greatest rookie season’s in the history of the NBA. One that casts, this year’s winner, Tyreke Evans of the Sacramento Kings in a group that carries only three other players. Three players that are undoubtedly some of the greatest to ever play in the NBA.

Only Oscar Robertson, Michael Jordan, and LeBron James had ever averaged the elusive 20-5-5 in their rookie year, but now you can add Tyreke Evans to that list. Evans led all rookies with 20.1 points per game, finished second in assists with 5.8 per game, and fifth in rebounds with 5.3 per game. Not a bad accomplishment for your first year in the league. The future is definitely brighter in Sacramento now.

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