NBA Trade Deadline Recap 2011

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Thursday marked the NBA Trade Deadline, and it was one of the most active in recent memory. In addition to the blockbuster trade that landed Carmelo Anthony back in his hometown of New York City as a Knick, several marquee players switched jerseys this week. Here’s a recap of the moves that were made at the deadline.

NBA Trade Deadline Recap 2011New Jersey Nets Get: G Deron Williams
Utah Jazz Get: G Devin Harris, F Derrick Favors, 2011 First-Round Pick, 2012 First-Round Pick, Cash

The difference between this jaw-dropper and the Carmelo Anthony trade is that we saw Melo’s coming. Nearly two weeks after they parted ways with legendary Head Coach Jerry Sloan, the Utah Jazz shocked the league by sending their franchise player to New Jersey.

The Nets, who struck out trying to convince Carmelo Anthony to sign a longterm extension before he was shipped to New York, took a gamble in bringing in arguably the league’s best point guard. They gave up a healthy package, including third overall pick Derrick Favors and two potential future lottery picks, but brought in a piece to build around. The problem? Deron was reportedly not too happy with the trade, especially after learning about it while watching Sports Center. The Nets now have the pressure of bringing in another marquee player, but have a better chance of doing so by selling Williams’ presence to them.

New Orleans Hornets Get: F Carl Landry
Sacramento Kings Get: G Marcus Thornton, Cash

This trade flies under the radar, but benefits each team. The Hornets, one of the more solid defensive teams in the league, add a veteran forward in Landry that shores up a little frontcourt depth and can put the ball in the hoop. Thornton, who is known to light up the scoreboard himself, was buried in a rotation deep with perimeter players and will have more of a chance to showcase what he can do in Sacramento . . . or Anaheim. Whatever.

Atlanta Hawks Get: G Kirk Hinrich, F Hilton Armstrong
Washington Wizards Get: G Mike Bibby, G Jordan Crawford, G Maurice Evans, 2011 First-Round Pick

The Hawks continue their efforts to erase draft blunders of the past by bringing in Kirk Hinrich. Hinrich figures to be an upgrade over departing Mike Bibby at the point guard position on both ends of the floor. The Wizards shed some salary next year and get a First-Round Pick for their efforts. They also add a young prospect in Jordan Crawford. In addition to shedding the extra year on Gilbert Arenas’ deal earlier this year, Washington’s front office has done a solid job of setting the stage for the franchise’s future.

Cleveland Cavaliers Get: G Baron Davis, 2011 First-Round Pick
Los Angeles Clippers Get: G Mo Williams, F Jamario Moon

I’m not sure what Cleveland’s logic in taking on Baron Davis and the 42 million dollars remaining on his contract was, but the thrown in First-Round Pick is a deal sweetener. The Clippers get a player who was putting up just as good, if not better statistics than Davis in a HORRIBLE situation, shed salary and add a little bench versatility with Moon. Sure, they give up the pick, but this draft isn’t one that intrigues too many league officials.

Oklahoma City Thunder Get: C Kendrick Perkins, C Nazr Mohammed, G Nate Robinson
Boston Celtics Get: F Jeff Green, C Nenad Krstic, Future First Round Pick
Charlotte Bobcats Get: F D.J. White, G Morris Peterson

Okay, these are two separate trades, but I had to lump them together to show how great of a job Oklahoma city did getting prepared for their playoff run. The Celtics stunned everybody by getting rid of the center that they “haven’t lost a playoff series with”, and the Thunder shored up their weakness in a hurry.

Oklahoma City brings in two hard-nosed seven-footers that can bang with the best of them and will give the Lakers something to think about down low. They also add another scoring spark by bringing in Nate Robinson to come off the bench. On the other hand, the Celtics get a little younger and versatile with the addition of Jeff Green, while bringing in a quality veteran center in Krstic to fill the Perkins void. They also bring back a future First-Round Pick, and many people peg the Celtics of having an eye on Dwight Howard in 2012.

NBA Trade Deadline Recap 2011Memphis Grizzlies Get: F Shane Battier, G Ish Smith
Houston Rockets Get: C Hasheem Thabeet, Future First-Round Pick

Figured to be sellers at the deadline, the Memphis Grizzlies were actually buyers and brought back Shane Battier for his gritty defense and veteran presence. They ship former Number Two overall pick Hasheem Thabeet, who has been nothing short of disappointing, to Houston along with a future First-Round pick. The Rockets are stockpiling assets to deal with in the future.

Phoenix Suns Get: G Aaron Brooks
Houston Rockets Get: G Goran Dragic, Future First-Round Pick

Due for a contract extension this summer, the Rockets opted to send Aaron Brooks to Phoenix, while bringing back a more traditional and cheaper point guard in Dragic. The Suns add another piece for their playoff push, and may be looking at life after Nash with their move. Also notice that Houston once again acquired a First-Round pick.

Portland Trail Blazers Get: F Gerald Wallace
Charlotte Bobcats Get: F Dante Cunningham, C Joel Przybilia, C Sean Marks, 2011 First-Round Pick, 2013 First-Round Pick

With LaMarcus Aldridge playing the best basketball of his career and Brandon Roy returning from knee surgery, the Blazers once again look to make a playoff push by adding the versatile Gerald Wallace. Wallace gives the Blazers a boost on offense and defense, perhaps putting them in a position to upset one of the top teams in the West.

The Bobcats part with the remaining member of their 2004 expansion team for a package that amounts to salary cap relief and assets. Those two first-rounders are a start for a franchise that has some more dealing to do in the rebuilding process.

Other Deadline Deals:

Boston Celtics Get:
2017 Second-Round Pick
Sacramento Kings Get: G Marquis Daniels, Cash

Cleveland Cavaliers Get: C Semih Erden, F Luke Harangody
Boston Celtics Get: 2013 Second-Round Pick

Golden State Warriors Get: F Troy Murphy, 2012 Second-Round Pick
New Jersey Nets Get: F Brandan Wright, C Dan Gadzuric

Chicago Bulls Get: 2011 First Round-Pick
Toronto Raptors Get: F James Johnson

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