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I admit that I am a fan, and yes, we do have the same first name, but this week’s pick for Player of the Week has everything to do with the numbers, which are hard to argue this time around.

Zach Randolph has never been accused of having the most glamorous game in the League. And sure, accusations of him being a “black hole” on offense are pretty much fair. But his production is just hard to argue. The often overlooked Z-Bo had one heck of a week this past one, averaging 28.5 points and 14.25 boards in games which included wins against the Lakers and Thunder. His 1.25 assist average in that week probably supports the “black hole” argument, but there aren’t too many teams that can’t use such a sure thing when it comes to nightly double-doubles.

Last season, Z-Bo finally got some long-due recognition with his first All Star appearance. Can he make it to LA this season?

NBA: Eastbay Player of the Week - Zach Randolph - Photo courtesy of ESPNZach Randolph wearing the Nike Zoom Hyperfuse.