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Just when Suns fans thought they had pulled off the unthinkable, Ron Artest does.

When Kobe Bryant misses a game winning shot you have a chance. That chance was just a split second for the Suns, who saw it slip away as Ron Artest banked in a buzzer beater to put the Lakers within one victory of reaching their second consecutive NBA Finals.

The Phoenix Suns were trailing the Lakers by 18 points at one point last night. Then, after some mind boggling passes from Steve Nash, a missed dunk from Pau Gasol, and two offensive rebounds, the bank opened up for Jason Richardson. Richardson banked in a three point attempt from a few feet behind the stripe to tie the game with just seconds to go.

Under normal circumstances (i.e. playing against any team without Kobe Bryant), then the Suns could feel a bit confident in themselves with a comeback like that. However, Kobe Bryant was there, and ready to work his magic.

Fortunately for the Suns, he couldn’t find it. Unfortunately, Ron Artest was doing what he does best, hustling harder than the next guy. Artest’s offensive rebound and put back bucket was the dead end to Phoenix’s comeback trail.

As the Suns hopes for a 3-2 lead in the series, and a chance at clinching a Finals birth at home in Phoenix in game six vanished into thin air, the Lakers celebrated. Artest had saved the day for the Lakers, who now have the opportunity to close out the series in game six.

For the Los Angeles Lakers, this continues their home winning streak in the NBA Playoffs. Adding another notch gives them their eleventh straight, which if history is any indicator, gives them a good shot at winning the title.

For those that caught the game, at very least it could be called the best game of the Playoffs this year and undoubtedly a reminder that you won’t want to miss game six on Saturday night.

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