words_Nick Engvall

There are rivalries between your favorite team and your favorite opponent, but the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees rivalry seems to be a notch or two above the next best rivalry in baseball, and possibly in all of sports.

By no means am I a big fan of either of these two teams, but when they take the same field, I am sure that I am not the only one that suddenly pays a little more attention. However, I am a big fan of baseball, and the Red Sox and Yankees play the game against each other on a level that is arguably better than any two teams ever have.

Last night, the first game of a short two game series was more proof. An epic 4+ hour slug fest was just another notch on the belt for the greatest rivalry in sports debate.

The Yankees started out with five runs in the bottom of the first and seem to be off and running, but Boston crawled back. After a home run by Kevin Youkilis in the eighth to put them up 8-7, it looked as if the struggling Red Sox had finally found a way to prevail. Until two, two run home runs in the bottom of the ninth, one by Alex Rodriguez, and the second by an unlikely hero, Marcus Thames, the Yankees had added another tally mark in the win column of this longstanding rivalry.

The competitiveness when these two teams take the field is unbelievable. It’s as if the entire starting lineups of each team take on the competitive nature of their team captains,  and don’t give up until the final out is made, or in the case of last night’s game, the final run is scored.

With all the debate around current superstar players not putting forth effort, and debate as to whether MLB games are too long, the Red Sox and Yankees rivalry proves that the effort is there. As for the games being long, if you were watching last night’s game you would be hard pressed to find time amongst the excitement of the game, to worry about how long it took.

It’s probably safe to say, that baseball fans can all agree that games like last night are welcomed no matter how long the game takes, and the rivalry between the Red Sox and Yankees is one that makes the game of baseball so great.

image via Yahoo