words_Jordan Hagedorn

Last night Maurice Jones-Drew did an hour-long Live Chat on Eastbay.com. MJD was wearing the black and yellow Reebok Zig shirt and Reebok Zigs while talking to fans for 60 minutes.

During the Eastbay x Reebok chat, he discussed what he does to train, the fact that he admired Barry Sanders because of his size, his fantasy sleepers and being great at whatever he does. He demonstrated how to use the Reebok U-Form cleat with the mini oven he had on the chat set and also talked about the Reebok football glove. MJD broke down the Jaguars’ squad in depth and also talked a lot about one of his main passions – Fantasy Football.

Maurice had a ton of interesting things to say during the chat, which will be posted up on the Eastbay site shortly! Stay tuned … But in the mean time, check out shots below from the chat.