I am an intern at Eastbay training for my first marathon this fall. I’ll be running the Chicago Marathon, and you can follow my training progress on Maree’s 26.2 Journey Blog.

It’s really important for me to help my muscles recover after running, especially when I do long runs to keep from being sore the next day. Wearing CW-X ¾ Stabilyx Tights keeps my muscles from getting tired too fast and helps them recover after the run. The compression socks work similarly and keep my feet from hurting on longer runs. On really hot days I don’t like to wear the CW-X gear because, although it breathes well, it’s still hotter than wearing shorts. Normally I wear the compression socks with shorts, but last weekend I thought I would try out the Zensah Leg Sleeves to see how they compared.

The leg sleeves keep my lower legs warm, but not too hot, and they support my calves and shins well. It is very important to try to avoid shin splints in training, and the leg sleeves help prevent this problem. The CW-X compression socks and tights have a little more support than the leg sleeves, but the leg sleeves are more breathable. I ran five miles in the leg sleeves, and my legs felt good at the end, although not as refreshed as when I wear the tights. Still, I would recommend the leg sleeves to the recreational runner just to keep your muscles in good shape. You can also wear the legs sleeves for recovery or for cross training activities like hiking or biking, and they are great for day-to-day activities/workouts.

On a side note, today I spoke with my friends who are running the marathon with me in Chicago. My friends Chris and Ashley are doing a lot of training together, and they said that the longest run they have done is 11 miles. I am scheduled to do a 13 mile run this weekend, so it looks like we are at about the same level in our training. The miCoach system is helping me stay on track so that I will be ready to run with them when I go back to school in a month. I can’t wait to get back to Chicago and run with friends on weekends for the long training runs!

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