I am an intern at Eastbay who is training for the Chicago Marathon this October. This will be my first marathon, and you can follow my progress on my Maree’s 26.2 Journey Blog.

Last weekend the Hal Higdon Marathon Training Schedule I am using called for a 13 mile run on Saturday. I was in Central Wisconsin for the weekend, and I decided to try a trail that runs between two small towns for a 13 mile stretch. The trail is an old railroad grade, so it is flat and has a crushed gravel/dirt surface that is easy to run on and better for the legs and feet than hard pavement.

On my run, I carried a water bottle and wore my CW-X Stabilyx ¾ Tights to protect my muscles. It was about 80 degrees that day and humid, so it wasn’t the most comfortable running weather, but the trail was flat enough that the run wasn’t too taxing. I drank the entire water bottle of water on my run and was still thirsty at the end, so I know that I am going to have to start bringing my water bottle belt with me on longer runs and fill it with energy drinks that include electrolytes. I also carried my phone on my run and took pictures of the landscape as I was running through farm country. I didn’t know they made Caution signs for tractors, but you learn something new every day.

I also noticed that nutrition is going to start playing a much larger role as I get into longer running workouts. I ate toast before my run on Saturday morning, which provided me with enough energy to finish the workout without tiring, but after the workout I was very hungry all day. I ended up eating a lot of carbohydrates and proteins, like pasta and meat, which seemed to satisfy my hunger the best. A friend offered to go out for ice cream later in the day, but ice cream really didn’t sound good to me after that big workout. I am scheduled to do a 15 mile run in two weeks, and I already know that I am going to need lots of carbohydrates and proteins the night before and probably after my run. I might also try using a GU Energy Gel pack when I do the 15 mile run to see how big of a difference it makes in my energy level.

I also need to start shopping around for another pair of shoes to train in for my last month before the marathon and to run the marathon in. I want to get a pair of Mizunos that are similar to the shoes I have now, but lighter. I’m gathering information from my friends here at Eastbay, and I should have my choices narrowed down soon.

Only 10 weeks to go until the marathon!

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