I’m an intern at Eastbay who is training for the Chicago Marathon in October. This will be my first marathon, and you can follow my Blog to get an inside look at what it takes to run the 26.2 mile race.

I’m not the only one at Eastbay who loves running.

I get tips on training from other people who have run marathons here, including Jim, who has run many marathons in his lifetime. Jim showed me pictures of him running marathons and ultra marathons across the United States, including the Chicago Marathon!

Jim told me he used to do at least one over 20 mile run per week. He said he liked to feel ready to run a marathon any time he wanted… and I thought running one marathon was difficult enough!

Lauren, who also works at Eastbay, is training for a half marathon right now and she has run triathlons in the past. Her advice to me: Stick to your training program! If you do too much too fast, you’ll peak too early; if you skip out on workouts, you won’t be fit enough for the race. Lauren was the one who recommended the CW-X tights to me, which I absolutely love.

One of the best marathon stories here at Eastbay is that of John, another Eastbay intern, and his father, also an Eastbay employee, who are running a marathon together next fall in 2011. This will be his dad’s 200th race! John is really excited to start training – in fact; he has an adidas MiCoach too! He tried to set up a marathon plan at http://www.adidas.com/us/micoach/, but since he isn’t running the race for over a year, the site just told him to keep up steady fitness until next summer.

Here’s a photo of the intern and his dad “fueling up for the marathon”:

As far as my own training goes, I’m on-target with the program, but I’m having trouble figuring out my MiCoach. John says he’ll help me figure out how to use the MiCoach, and once I get it up and running we’re going to compare workouts. I love that I work with people who can help me learn how to use my training gadgets.

It’s really exciting to work in an environment with people who share my passion for running. We all keep each other motivated and its fun to exchange stories about our running adventures.

This weekend I’m doing a 10 mile run, so you can find out how that went on Tuesday!

Happy running from all of us at Eastbay.