I’m just finishing week four in my marathon training program for the Chicago Marathon in October. Follow my progress on my Blog as I get ready for the 26.2 mile race.

The mid-week runs are getting longer at this point in the training. Instead of running only 3-4 miles during the week, I’m now going to start doing 5-7 mile runs on Wednesdays and double-digit runs on weekends. I know that the quality of the products I am trying out will show up much more with these longer runs. After trying out the CW-X Stabilyx ¾ Tights in Florida, I was pretty sure that the Zensah Leg Sleeves and the CW-X Compression Socks would be much less effective. The CW-X tights cover most of your leg to work larger muscles and provide more support than the thinner socks or leg sleeves. Still, I thought I would give the compression socks a try to see how they held up against the tights. Once again, the results surprised me.

I went for a four mile run in the CW-X Compression Socks earlier this week. It was 85 degrees and hot (for Northern Wisconsin), so I thought it would be a good time to skip the black tights and instead wear shorts with the tall compression socks. As soon as I put on the socks, I could feel the sensation that my legs were springier as I walked. While on my run, which takes me through the woods, on pavement, and up and down hills, I could tell that my lower legs were more supported than with my regular ankle socks. Although they did not give me as much support in my entire leg as the tights, the socks better cushioned my feet and maintained stability in my ankles. I broke my ankle three summers ago, so it is important to me to have ankle support when I run. I could tell that the compression socks did the job well.

If it’s too hot on the day of the Chicago Marathon to wear the CW-X Stabilyx ¾ Tights, I think I will use the CW-X Compression Socks instead to help preserve my muscles for the race. I look forward to seeing how the Zensah Leg Sleeves measure up to the compression socks!

This weekend I’m visiting Chicago for the 4th of July, so I’m going to try out the adidas MiCoach when I go running on the Lake Shore path. Stay tuned to find out how it works!

Happy Independence Day.