Maree’s 26.2 Journey is my Blog about training for the Chicago Marathon in October. Follow my progress to find out what it’s like to run your first marathon!

This past weekend I did the longest run so far in my training program – 10 miles. I was a bit worried about how I would feel during the run and being sore the next day, but surprisingly I didn’t get tired while running and I wasn’t sore at all on Sunday!

My fellow intern John helped me set up the adidas miCoach Pacer with, and explained how to attach the sensors and wait for the miCoach to detect your heart rate and the stride sensor. After I attached the stride sensor to my shoe, I turned on the miCoach to “free run”, which recorded my distance and pace as I ran. Every time I wanted to know how far I had run I just hit the miCoach’s middle button and the narrator told me my distance. This was really helpful because I could be sure that I ran a full 10 miles. My pace was about 10:30 minute miles throughout the whole workout, and I ran my last mile in about 9 minutes. I’m not too concerned about how fast I can run the marathon as long as I finish, but it would be nice to maintain an average of 10:30 minute miles throughout the race.

After I went running, I checked the miCoach website to see my results. This was really helpful because it showed me that my workout was consistent throughout and even faster at the end. However, the miCoach “Coach Talk” reminded me to do more of a cool-down when I’m done running.

When I do specific workouts on the miCoach, the device will tell me when to peak during the run and when to ease off the pace, which will make the workout more effective. There is also an option to post the running report to Facebook, which I plan on trying with the next entry. I would like to see if the miCoach gives me an edge over my friends who are running the Chicago Marathon with me.

I continue to be impressed with my CW-X ¾ Stabilyx Tights and my Mizuno Wave Creation 11 running shoes. These products helped my feet and legs make it through the longer run without getting sore or tired.

I feel encouraged that I can complete the marathon in October, since I ran almost half the distance on Saturday and I felt like I could have kept going. When I start to do runs that are over 13 miles I’m going to begin using FRS Healthy Energy Drinks and the Sports Street GU Energy Gel Packs to keep up my energy and replenish my body. I’m looking forward to the even longer runs when my endurance will really be tested!

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