I’m well into training for the Chicago Marathon in October. Since this will be my first marathon, I decided to blog about the experience. See my progress thus far on my other Blog entries.

I was planning on using the adidas MiCoach in Chicago this last weekend, but before I was able to go running with the MiCoach, I had to charge it and set up the device with adidas.com. So instead of running down Lake Shore Path with the MiCoach, I got to explore the adidas MiCoach website and learn about all the features.

The website was confusing initially because I had to register the MiCoach and download a computer program to synch it with my PC, but adidas had a good step-by-step program to get me through it. After that I had a lot of fun personalizing my training plan.

Now that I’ve navigated the MiCoach website, here on some tips on how to use it…

First, register with your screen name and enter your goals. Obviously, my goal is to run the Chicago Marathon.

Once you get into the website, you can personalize your workout settings…

After I entered that I want to run a marathon, the MiCoach website asked me my current fitness level and gave me a rough outline for a workout plan… I might replace my current Hal Higdon plan with the MiCoach Plan!

The next step is even better… MiCoach gives you a weekly plan to follow based on your availability and skill level!

You can even hover over the specific days to get more personalized training information and tips! There’s also room to journal about each workout so you can track your progress.

The adidas MiCoach website really motivated me to get out and run… I can’t wait to see how the MiCoach works in action.