Maree’s 26.2 Journey is my Blog about training for my first marathon this October. Follow my progress to see what it’s really like to run your first marathon.

Summer has officially come to an end. Today I am packing my bags and heading down to Chicago to start the school year and marathon training in the city. Of course, I’ve been running around like crazy trying to pack everything the last few days, so I’ve barely had time to actually go running. Unfortunately I skipped my 16-mile run on Saturday, which I’m not happy about, but I plan on doing the run as soon as I finish moving in, probably on Wednesday or Thursday morning. I’m looking forward to running on Lake Shore Drive because there are water fountains along the path, so I don’t have to bring as much water. I plan on putting the FRS Energy Drink in my Fuel Belt along with a few GU packs and then drinking water along the way. I usually drink Gatorade or Powerade to gain back electrolytes, so I am interested to see how well the FRS Energy Drink works to keep my hydrated and energized.

I have been running some shorter distances in my new Mizuno Wave Creation 11 shoes to break them in. I did a four-mile run and an eight-mile run in them last week, and both went well. I think that since I took the time to wear them around before running in them, and because I already own a pair of the same shoes, the transition should go smoothly. As I mentioned, the two shoes look radically different because of the wear and tear on my old shoes. Although they have held up well, the sole is worn down quite a bit and the toe is flipped up from the Infinity Wave Technology springs getting worn out. Below are pictures of the two shoes, so you can see the contrast. I think it’s very interesting that the old ones appear smaller than the new ones because of the toe curling up.

I’ll continue to phase out of my old shoes and start using my new ones more, but first I want to get through the 16-mile run with my old shoes before I start running long distances in my new shoes. So far my body has held up really well against the training, and I want to keep it that way. Transitioning to the new shoes too fast might alter my stride, so I want to take my time.

I’m so excited to arrive in Chicago so I can go on training runs with my friends! We keep each other motivated, and talking on the long runs helps them go by faster.Maree's Journey to the Chicago MarathonMaree's Journey to the Chicago MarathonMaree's Journey to the Chicago MarathonMaree's Journey to the Chicago MarathonMaree's Journey to the Chicago Marathon