Chris Cole wins third Maloof Money Cup

words_Nick Engvall

Twenty-eight-year-old Chris Cole went into the Maloof Money Cup OC as the favorite to win the Volcom Pro Street event. Rightfully so, as he has won the last two MMC events, which includes New York in June and the 2009 Orange County event just over a year ago. However, if he was ever going to lose, the performance that Nyjah Huston put on in the final round should have been it.

Not to say that Cole’s skating wasn’t worthy of a victory, but Nyjah seemed to have the course on lock. From the concrete wave at the back wall, all the way to the edges of the benches out near the crowd, Huston landed everything–all 16 of his final round tricks to be exact–putting pressure on Chris Cole to be just as perfect.

According to the judges he was, and Cole walked away with $100,000 in prize money, while 15-year-old Nyjah was left with a second place finish and $40,000 in prize money.

It was likely Cole’s switch frontside flip as time ran out that left the final impression on the judges that put him over the top. Although Cole won this event, it will be his last MMC as he’ll be competing in the newly formed Street League Skateboarding founded by DC Shoes rider Rob Dyrdek.

For Nyjah Huston, although the loss is tough to handle, this is really just the beginning. At just 15 years old, he’ll have plenty of time to take home a first place at the next Maloof Money Cup on his way to most likely one of the most impressive skateboarding careers we’ll see.

As for the Maloof Money Cup, the founders Joe and Gavin Maloof, owners of the Sacramento Kings, are looking into adding additional events in the future.