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There are very few people in the world that have left a greater impact than Michael Jordan. As far as sports goes, there is nobody that has, and there will likely never be someone that has the impact MJ did, and still does to this to this day, years after he stepped off the court. With unbelievable skill on the court that dazzled the crowds and dizzied opponents, Michael’s legacy not only left his name at the top of the page in most record books, but also left an icon that would forever change sneaker culture, clothing, and for that matter, pop culture as well.

Sure, the line of Jordan shoes began with all eyes focused on the Jordan 1, which was banned by the NBA and subsequently cost MJ $5,000 a game for breaking the uniform code. The Jordan 2 with its “Made in Italy” quality helped further secure Michael’s place at the top of the sneaker world. However, it was the Air Jordan 3 that Tinker Hatfield designed that kept Michael as a member of Nike. Amongst the inner turmoil over the future of the League’s brightest star, Hatfield created the iconic shoe that would forever change the world in which we live.

The Air Jordan 3 gave birth to one of the most recognizable icons the world has ever seen, the Jordan Jumpman logo. For those that were into sneakers in 1988, the first time seeing the Jumpman logo on the tongue of the Jordan 3 is likely something they will never forget. That year Michael also made sure that it was a logo that fans and opposing players would never forget either. MJ put up one of his greatest years ever while wearing the Jordan 3. He was awarded the Most Valuable Player, the All-Star game Most Valuable Player, the NBA Defensive Player of the Year, and his second Dunk Contest title. The Dunk Contest, a duel with Atlanta Hawks star Dominique Wilkins, proved to be one of the most memorable moments in the NBA over the last few decades. Jordan captured the eyes and hearts of nearly every basketball fan in the world while flying through the air in his Swoosh-less, Elephant Print-laden Jordan 3.

You can relive the memories with the Jordan Retro 3 when it returns on January 22nd.

Jordan Retro 3 White/Cement
Jordan Retro 3 White/CementJordan Retro 3 White/CementJordan Retro 3 White/CementJordan Retro 3 White/CementJordan Retro 3 White/Cement