Improve Your Game with the 94Fifty Basketball (1)

words // Ben Schumacher 

Two different scenarios.

The other team is applying full-court pressure with your team down one with seven seconds left in the game. You receive the inbounds pass. You try to split the double team, but your dribble between the defenders isn’t quick enough and they pick your pocket, ending the game. Or maybe you’re able to split the double team. You speed dribble past a defender at half-court and crossover a guy at the 3-point line. As you rise up to hit the game-winning jumper, your shot is partially blocked by the defender that closed out on you and you lose the game.

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These scenarios are a player’s worst nightmare – realizing your skills weren’t where they needed to be at crunch time to help your team come out on top. Now imagine a basketball that tracks every possible statistic about your shooting, your dribbling, your consistency, and your improvements made in key drills. That’s exactly what the 94Fifty Basketball does; it helps you improve your dribbling speed and power, shot speed and arc, along with many other important skills that can mean the difference between winning and losing.

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If you’re a competitor, like we know you are, you’re willing to do whatever it takes to improve your game. You’re going to exhaust every possible resource in order to turn your weaknesses into strengths. By communicating with your smartphone via Bluetooth, the 94Fifty basketball can track things in your game like shot arc, shot speed, dribbling speed, dribbling power, and help you turn them into strengths. This allows you to do things like develop a shot with an arc that maximizes the ball’s chances of going through the hoop more consistently.

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By tracking daily- and all-time bests, the 94Fifty basketball will show how your skills are developing in an easy-to-read display. In addition real-time scoring and leaderboards allow you to compete head-to-head with up to five of your friends at once to determine who the real king of the court is.

Now imagine this: you’ve put in countless hours in the gym over the summer, honing your dribbling and shooting skills. You can now dribble just as quickly and confidently with your “weak” hand as you can with your dominant hand. Your shot arc is consistently at 45 degrees, which means you’re making more shots, more often. Now you’re the best player on your team. It’s the last game of the season. Six seconds left and everyone in the gym knows you’re going to be the one taking the last shot. The ball is inbounded at half court, you drive hard to your right, and then quickly crossover just under the hand of the double-teaming defender. You rise up at the 3-point line. Another help defender is closing out fast as you get the shot away just above the outstretched hand. The horn sounds as the ball goes through the hoop. Nothing but net.

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It’s what you dream about – coming through in the clutch to help your team win a big game. The difference between winning and losing can be a very fine line, but the choice is yours: will you pass on the 94Fifty Basketball and leave your game to chance, or are you all in for the win?