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Footwork is incredibly important for football agility. Being able to move your feet quickly can have a big impact on your performance. Having fast feet can help you sprint, change direction, block, tackle, throw, and even catch the ball.

Here are a few simple drills that can help you with your footwork for football.

Jump Rope Drills

A jump rope is probably the simplest, least expensive tool you can use for improving footwork, overall athleticism, strengthening your ankles, feet and shins, and improving your conditioning. To properly position yourself, stand on the middle of the rope. Adjust the handles so they both come up to your armpits.

Start these drills with a 30-second goal and gradually improve that to a minute for each drill. Keep your knees and ankles soft. Most of your movement should be from your ankles.

Jump up and down: Basically, you are jumping over the rope using both feet and landing on the balls of your feet. If this is done properly, you should not have to jump very high.

Jump side to side: Move side to side, jumping over the rope as you move. Again, you should not need to jump very high.

Jump forward and backward: Jump forward and then backward over the rope.

Weave Drill

Set up a series of cones about 5 or 6 feet apart, as illustrated below:


  • Stand at the start. From this position, sprint at an angle so you are in front of the first cone.
  • Stop, then backpedal at an angle so you are between the first and second cones.
  • Sprint forward so that you are in front of the second cone.
  • Keep doing this until you have weaved in and out of all the cones.

Zig-Zag Drill

The zig-zag drill sets up like the Weave drill; the start line is in the same place.

  • Start facing the line of cones.
  • Run to the right of the first cone, plant your right foot and push off so you run to the left side of the second cone.
  • Plant your left foot and push off.
  • Continue zig-zagging until you have cleared all the cones.

Do the Weave and Zig-Zag drills during your speed and agility workouts, 3-5 times each.

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