words // Brandon Richard

Introduced in 2004, Nike Free is a sole technology¬†designed to let your foot move more naturally and freely than it does while wearing traditional athletic shoes. The barefoot sensation is achieved by carving deep, gender specific sipes along the length and width of the sole. The independent “pods” work along with your foot for natural, ultra-flexible performance.

Similarly, Hurley Phantom is based on the concepts of natural motion and second skin. The surf company first had success applying the technology to its world famous board shorts before taking it to footwear. Continuing to expand upon its Phantom innovation platform, Hurley has launched the first-ever Phantom sandal.

The Phantom Sandal links Hurley’s award-winning tech to Nike’s Free sole. Spacer mesh is used for the sandal’s upper, ensuring breathability and washability. The soft, EVA footbed molds to the foot, creating conformed comfort to the wearer. By blending Phantom and Nike Free, Hurley believes they have created the most comfortable, functional sandal to date.

“Phantom innovation is all about second skin, Nike free is all about the bare foot or natural motion,” says Ryan Hurley, Creative Director. “Bringing these two schools of thought together seemed very natural.” You can hear more from Vice President of Innovation Bruce Moore in the Phantom Sandal Explanation video above.

The Hurley Phantom Free Sandal is now available in seven colorways, ranging from all-black to vibrant, neon-accented styles. You can shop the innovative sandals here today.

Available: Hurley Phantom Free Sandal

Hurley Phantom Free Sandal Black Neon Yellow (2)

Hurley Phantom Free Sandal Black

Hurley Phantom Free Sandal Black Cyan

Hurley Phantom Free Sandal Black Neon Green

Hurley Phantom Free Sandal Black Neon Yellow

Hurley Phantom Free Sandal Black White

Hurley Phantom Free Sandal Graphite Pink

Hurley Phantom Free Sandal Navy Orange