Go Skateboarding Day

words and image_Nick Engvall

While most of the year, the sport of skateboarding might get a snarl and a glare from your friendly neighborhood watch program advocate, June 21st is the day that has become an unofficial national holiday of sorts. Today marks the 8th year of Go Skateboarding day, which might sound a bit like a phrase skateboarders are all too familiar with.

“No Skateboarding” has always pestered skateboarders trying to get some grind time in, whether it be on a posted sign at their local spot or the words of a local security guard. So in 2003, the International Association of Skateboard Companies decided to create a day in which everybody could celebrate by simply doing what most skateboarders already do on a daily basis, go skateboard. The idea behind the “holiday” was to promote the culture, that many of us so passionately support. They also had in mind that the day might be a way to bring awareness to issues that the skateboarding community deals with, and to show the world all about the creative celebration of independence that is skateboarding.  Most importantly it’s a reason to get together with friends and skate.

There couldn’t be an easier day to celebrate than Go Skateboarding Day.

All you need to do is grab your favorite pair of Chucks, Vans, or whatever sneakers best fit your style, pick up your board and go.

Let us know how you celebrated in the comments below.

Skate to work or to school, skate to the corner store, to your neighborhood skate park, or just skateboard outside of your house.