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With the 2010 Future Sole Design Competition Finals taking place tomorrow night, the eight finalists and their families were treated to a private tour of Nike’s World Headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon earlier today. Future Sole founder D’Wayne Edwards and Innovation Kitchen Designer Wilson Smith III helped share some insight into the history of the brand’s sprawling campus, and for the finalists, it was quite an experience to take in for the first time.

Best overheard quote? “This is way better than Christmas!”

While about 80 percent of the tour’s highlights included Edwards’ friendly “NO PICS!!!” and “Let’s keep it movin’ everyone!” reminders, there were still several sights to see as we ventured from building to building. Inside the Mia Hamm building, which also happens to be the single largest building in the state of Oregon, resides this scaled-down model of the creative side of the campus.

Stay tuned for more 2010 Future Sole Design Competition coverage, and take some time to check out this year’s field of finalists:

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