words // Brandon Richard

In 2010, Ektio Footwear stepped on the scene with the Wraptor and Post Up, two basketball models constructed to eliminate ankle injuries. Founded by basketball player-turned-orthopedic radiologist Dr. Barry Katz, Ektio is a revolutionary ankle support technology that provides the highest level of support possible to athletes.

While most sneaker companies are looking for ways to make their shoes lighter, Ektio is strongly based on the concept of top-notch support. The technology consists of 2 straps built within the walls of the shoe and anti-rollover bumpers designed to provide extra stability and leverage. The first strap wraps all the way around the walls of the shoe and supports the lateral ligaments of the ankle, while the second lays directly of the ankle mortise and locks you into the back of the shoe to limit movement within the shoe. Anti-rollover bumpers designed to provide extra leverage and stability to the shoe, allowing you to make quick and hard cuts without the fear of rolling your ankle. The idea is to bring the foot and shoe together as a single unit.

Following the Wraptor and Post Up, Ektio has officially launched a third model called the Breakaway. The model employs the strap and anti-roll outrigger technology, but Ektio believes the shoe is more user friendly and easy to put on. The brand also focused on improving comfort with a new upgraded inner sock and a new molded upper that offers lightweight and breathable mesh. A herringbone outsole gives maximum traction, allowing you to move with confidence and cut with the utmost power and speed.

The Breakaway is now available in two colorways; grey and white-based styles with contrasting black accents on the cross-straps, tongue, laces and outsole. If you’re concerned with the health of your ankles, put one of these new Ektio styles to the test today.

Available: Ektio Breakaway

Ektio Breakaway Grey Black (1)

Ektio Breakaway Grey Black (2)

Ektio Breakaway White Black (1)

Ektio Breakaway White Black (2)