words_Nick Engvall

At the end of last year, we announced the arrival of Supra Footwear to Eastbay. While Chad Muska’s pro model, the Supra Skytop, is one of the most popular models, you can’t deny the fact that Terry Kennedy is making waves faster than anybody in the crew at Supra.

TK is not only maintaining quite well as a professional skater, but also holds down two other “side projects.” That is, if you can call being the star of his own reality television show or life as a rapper any kind of side project. Terry’s first signature model, the TK Society, rode the wave of success that came from skinny jeans, rock stars and rap stars like “The Best Rapper Alive” wearing TK’s signature model almost religiously. Since the double-strapped and shin-high style isn’t quite as in demand this year as it was in late 2008, TK’s second signature model from Supra takes a more traditional approach.

The Supra Stacks will launch in the coming weeks in a black and purple combination and also in this grey and blue colorway. This week’s Eastbay Photo of the Week highlights the TK logo on the tongue of the upcoming low-top skate shoe that will arrive in the coming weeks.

Supra Stack - Eastbay Photo of the Week