words // Nick Engvall

One of the most distinguishable traits of a sneaker is its tread pattern. Especially when it comes to Nike shoes, you can probably instantly remember the shapes and curves of the only part of the shoe that you cannot see when wearing. Ironic, but think about some of the popular silhouettes, and Air Max 90, an Air Force 1, or anything with the new Diamondflex design like the Trainer 1.

However, what about some of the other genres, such as Nike 6.0, Nike SB, Nike cleats, are they as easily recognizable? Today’s Eastbay Photo of the Week might test how broad your range of knowledge is when it comes to kicks. This upcoming colorway will arrive at Eastbay in the coming weeks but is its multi-surface outsole one you can name?


Eastbay Photo of the Week: Nike Sole