words_Nick Engvall

In the mid-nineties Nike Training created a handful of unforgettable styles. Some of them short lived, some of them seem to live on through retro releases over and over again. When it comes to signature shoes, there seems to be two paths. The first being like Michael Jordan shoes, a long history of designs that repeatedly make an consistent impact on sneaker culture. The second is more like that of Penny Hardaway, Ken Griffey Jr. or Charles Barkley, a shorter life span in number of designs but filled with designs that were so influential that nearly everyone knows all of the models.

In the spring a signature model will return in retro form from a player that may not have had the impact when it came to signature shoes but on the field had more impact his rookie year than many rookies ever come close to. For fans of the game, this week’s Eastbay Photo of the Week might be too simple, but for some this relatively slept-on style might be completely new when it becomes available in March.

Whose signature shoe is it?

Eastbay Photo of the Week: Nike Air Max NM