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The partnership between adidas Originals and Star Wars is one that makes the sneaker culture great in my opinion. Taking two iconic brands and developing an ongoing relationship that continues to result in impressive creations. With collectors of both sneakers and Star Wars memorabilia seemingly always growing in numbers, this partnership will continue to bring unique designs and inspirations throughout the spring of 2011. Of course the marketing behind the shoes cannot go unmentioned. Snoop Dogg marching Storm Troopers through New York City, and plastic blister pack type packaging that seem more appropriate for the local toy aisle than your closet, has helped make the adidas Originals and Star Wars partnership unforgettable for more than just collectors.

In the spring of 2011 the adidas Originals x Star Wars Collection will make its way to Eastbay in limited quantities. Today’s Eastbay Photo of the Week gives us just a sneak peek at what is to come.

Eastbay Photo of the Week: adidas x Star Wars 2011 Preview