words // Nick Engvall

The best of times and the worst of times for sneakerheads comes with the warm weather of summer. The best of times being, that you can finally wear those rare kicks or white on whites without a worry in the world of rain or mud ruining your day. The worst of times being, that now your decision making process each morning when you slip on a pair of kicks, just got a lot longer because now your choices aren’t limited to those pairs your willing to let get a bit dirty.

One choice that should be available in everyone’s closet for the summer is a simple white on white sneaker. Something like the adidas Superstar 2, not only fills this void, but is also one of the most classic shoes of all time. The adidas Superstar 2 is easily recognized thanks to its famous rubber “shell toe” but its original intent was as a basketball shoe. The full-grain leather and iconic Three Stripes has since become a casual favorite for many people. Just in time for the summer, the classic white on white adidas Superstar 2 returns.

Available now: adidas Superstar 2

adidas Superstar 2 White/White