words // Zack Schlemmer

Everybody is excited about this year’s re-releases of Reebok Basketball classics like the Kamikaze II and Shaqnosis, but what about these other forgotten gems from this Eastbay page from December 1996? Will they get any love?

To the delight of many sneaker collector’s the new Reebok Classics line has been going strong so far with re-releases of some of Reebok’s favorite models in original colorways like Allen Iverson’s Question and Answer IV, the Twilight Zone Pump and most recently Shawn Kemp’s Kamikaze II.  Shaquille O’Neal’s classic Shaq Attaq and Shaqnosis models are both on the way, as well, later this year.  We are all grateful to finally have a chance to own these 90’s basketball treasures, but this small taste has left many of us now wanting even more!  Perhaps Reebok Classics could use this page for some inspiration?

This page from ’96 is chock-full of awesome Reebok models from right after the time of the iconic Kamikaze II and Shaqnosis.  You’ll see later signature models for both Shawn and Shaq with the Reignman’s Aftershock and the similar Shaq Dunkmob, along with Shaq’s model from right before that: the big and beefy Preacher.  On the bottom half of the page are three more certified classic models featuring the bold designs Reebok was known for with the Icepick, Triple Deuce and Glenn Robinson’s Prophet.

Which of the models on this page would you like to see return in the current Reebok Classics line?