words // Nick Engvall

This week’s Eastbay Memory Lane post takes a look at a few of the Reebok basketball shoes from 1995. The unforgettable Reebok Kamikaze and Reebok Kamikaze II, made famous by Shawn Kemp of the Seattle Supersonics, were some of the craziest designs to ever hit the NBA hardwood back then. The Kamikaze and Kamikaze II were also some of the most successful shoes Reebok ever created without Pump technology thanks to Shawn Kemp playing in them during the 1995 and 1996 All-Star Games.

One shoe that might have gone overlooked back then was the Reebok Swingman, worn by Tyrone “Muggsy” Bogues. The Swingman might not have been the most sought-after shoe back then, or even today, but it was one of the early options for personalization of your shoes. Sure, it was just a panel set aside for you to write your number on it with a Sharpie, but what other choices were there back then? As we all know, nowadays nearly every footwear company has some form of personalized shoes available.

What do you think was a bigger impact on sneaker culture, the Kamikaze, or the customizable number panel?

Reebok Kamikaze and Reebok Kamikaze II - Shawn Kemp 1995Reebok Basketball 1995 - Tyrone "Muggsy" Bogues