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In the early-to-mid ’90s, one of the biggest trends to change the direction of footwear and sportswear, Nike All Conditions Gear (ACG) bottled the culture of the great outdoors into a collection of sneakers, boots and other outdoor gear. By 1995, Nike ACG become so wildly popular that Nike partnered with Eastbay for this outdoor catalog entitled: The Nature of Sport.

Some of the creations from the time have become standard issue over the years, like the Nike Air Moc, Nike Air Mada, and, of course, the Nike ACG logo that is seen on all of the apparel and footwear, which have all continued on in Retro form since their inception.

Other designs, like the Nike Beo Beo shorts, didn’t quite find a second wind with their all-over print colorways. The Nike Zion Boot, with its solid rubber outsole and classy dress-shoe-like design and materials on the upper, also fell by the wayside over the course of time.

Check out some of the Eastbay Nike Outdoor Catalog from 1995 below from this week’s Eastbay Memory Lane.

Eastbay Memory Lane: Nike Outdoor Catalog 1995Eastbay Memory Lane: Nike Outdoor Catalog 1995 - Nike ZionEastbay Memory Lane: Nike Outdoor Catalog 1995 - Nike MadaEastbay Memory Lane: Nike Outdoor Catalog 1995 Back Cover