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It may come as a surprise that Eastbay Memory Lane posts are a bit of a challenge. Not because of a lack of choices, it’s actually just the opposite. There is always too much good stuff to choose from, which I guess is also the nature of sneaker collecting. This weekend though, Gilbert Arenas made it easy by dropping 20 points in for the Orlando Magic in one of my favorite sneakers, and I think it’s safe to say many others, the Nike Air Go LWP.

The return of the Air Go LWP, short for Light Weight Performance, has been a long time in the making, as pointed out in our conversation with Mark Dolce. For many of us that often experienced the budget constraints of our parents as youngsters, the Air Go LWP in 1994 was out of reach at $115. Waiting years for its return, like many are familiar with due to their own personal sneaker favorites, is what seems to keep us interested in these classic sneaker designs.

The Nike Air Go LWP stood out from the rest of the sneakers introduced in the mid-nineties, not necessarily aesthetically, but more so because of its cutting edge performance and groundbreaking technology. While the basketball sneakers of today have taken an approach weight-loss that rivals Lindsay Lohan’s, the Air Go LWP, was miles ahead of its time in the weight category, and cushioning technology. As the Kobe VI nears the single digits in ounces, the Air Go LWP was doing the same over 15 years ago. The Max Air heel and Zoom Air forefoot combo, coincidentally being used in the Nike LeBron 8 PS, was also way ahead of its time, and is arguably one of the best cushioning combinations that Nike Basketball has ever used. The recent Air Go LWP Performance Review can also attest to the fact that the design of the Air Go LWP was one that could stand the tests of time.

Although memories of the Air Go LWP from recent retro colorways are easily induced for most of us, the White and Navy colorway from this 1995 Eastbay Catalog might be a welcome surprise to some. Of course, we can’t possible look at one shoe in a past catalog without having an “oh snap!” moment about another. The early Air Uptempo model and Air Tenacity Plus are a couple of blasts from the past that most of us would love to see added to our collections but I guess, like we have for the Air Go LWP, we’ll have to wait for the next time they return.

Available now: Nike Air Go LWP Retro

Eastbay Memory Lane: Nike Air Go LWP