words // Luis Sanchez

Not only was Nike Basketball on top of their game in the footwear category during the early years of the new millennium, they also blew away the competition with their selection of matching apparel.¬†For our latest trip down memory lane, we take a look at some of Eastbay’s large selection of Nike Basketball apparel back in 2001.

From Nike Shox-inspired clothing to the popular reversible basketball shorts, Nike Basketball apparel had all things covered both on and off the court. Taking us back in time, we get a look at the eye-catching Nike Shox “Belt Print” tee, as well as the extremely controversial “Turn & Cough” tee that had just about everyone talking.¬†Other threads available from Eastbay at the time included the not-so fashionable 3/4 length shorts, as well as the popular durasheen shorts to match a variety of Nike Basketball shoes at the time.

Enjoy a look at the rest of Eastbay’s early 2000’s Nike Basketball apparel offerings below, as part of our latest trip down memory lane.