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In 2004, QB Daunte Culpepper had career highs in completions, completion percentage, yards and touchdowns. He was named to the 2005 Pro Bowl along with fellow NFC quarterbacks Donovan McNabb and Michael Vick. At the time Culpepper was throwing touchdowns to star WR Randy Moss while McNabb was leading the Eagles to the Super Bowl and Vick was a superstar for the Falcons.

Fast forward 5 years, Culpepper is the face of the UFL, McNabb is leading the Redskins and Vick is on the Eagles. It’s crazy to see how much the NFL has changed in just 5 short years.

With all that said, we take a walk down Memory Lane with this 2005 Eastbay cover featuring Culpepper wearing his Reebok NFL gear. Peyton Manning is on the inside cover also rocking Reebok gear.

We flip to page 17 to see Reebok’s cleat collection from 2005.