words // Nick Engvall

With the Converse Remix stirring up memories of Chuck Taylor Moments for me last week, when I started looking for inspiration for this week’s Eastbay Memory Lane post, Converse was fresh in my memory. Although the Chuck Taylor All-Star is one of the greatest shoes of all time, it’s been a challenge for Converse over the years, to make any changes to the classic silhouette. Most people that love Chucks, myself included, seem to be pretty stubborn when it comes to tweaks and variations to our beloved All-Stars.

There have been a couple of times that the revisited or remixed design of the Converse All-Star lineup, has really grabbed some of the dedicated Chuck Taylor followers. For me, it was back in 1997-1998, when Dennis Rodman signed with Converse. “The Worm” had his own signature model, the Converse All-Star Rodman. The design inspired by Rodman’s personality, and creative ways he found to express himself, was probably one of the most accurate sneaker representations of a player’s “personality,” ever.

Although I was always a fan of the crazy antics of Dennis Rodman and his unpredictable nature, it was another design from that era that wore the Chuck Taylor All-Star logo on the ankle, which really grabbed my attention. The Converse All-Star 2000 was made of a quality tumbled leather and neoprene/mesh sockliner that made it one of the more comfortable shoes to play in. There were a number of colorways released, but the White based version with Blue accents featured an Ice blue sole that made it all the more appealing. Perhaps it was because, at that time, Converse hadn’t really done many clear soled designs that made this colorway stand out, or more likely, it was because the price drops put them in my range.

Either way, it’s one of those often-overlooked designs, that stuck with me through the years. It epitomizes one of the things that is great about sneakers. That with all of the designs that are released, everyone has their own individual experiences, memories, and favorites that make us all uniquely similar.

Converse Basketball - Eastbay Memory Lane