words // Zack Schlemmer

Allen Iverson’s first signature model, the Reebok Question, is set to release later this week, but today we’ll check out a page from 2000 full of Iverson gear, along with the Answer IV.

Allen Iverson is the most important player in the history of Reebok Basketball.  From the time The Question released in 1996 until Iverson retired, his signature models were always among Reebok’s best selling shoes each year.  On this Eastbay page from 2000, we get a look at his fifth signature model, the Answer IV, along with a collection of Iverson street wear.  With $600 and $500 leather jackets and $350 pants, this was apparently Iverson’s premium line.  Times sure have changed since 2000:  you probably wont catch anybody in lambskin tearaway pants nowadays.  It’s safe to assume that there weren’t too many orders for most of the high end leather apparel offered on this page, but it’s still fun to take a look back at what was available from Iverson and Reebok only twelve years ago.