words // Brandon Richard

This Saturday, the Air Jordan 10 will be back for another round in its original ‘Steel’ colorway. Launched in Fall 1994, the model was the second release following Michael Jordan’s decision to step away from the game of basketball to pursue a career in baseball.

To get ready for this anticipated release, today’s Eastbay Memory Lane takes us back to Holiday ’94, when the yet-to-be-released ‘Steel’ 10 was one of the shoes featured in the catalog. What you’ll notice is that the ‘Steels’ that originally released differ from the version that released in 2005 and the pair you’ll be able to pick up this weekend.

With MJ away from hoops, Tinker Hatfield took full control over the Air Jordan 10 design and Jordan reportedly wasn’t as involved with the process as he had been in years past. When the finish product hit the product line, there was an extra leather toe overlay that wouldn’t be seen on later pairs. That’s because Jordan preferred a clean toe and was no fan of the overlay on the 10. Subsequent colorways were cleaned up and the look remains the same on today’s retros.

Also on this page, a blurb about Jordan’s pal Charles Barkley and his Nike Air Max2 CB sneaker in three original colorways.

Were you still a fan of Jordan shoes when he stepped away from basketball. Did you own an original pair of ‘Steels’ with the toe overlay? Will you be copping the retro this weekend? Share your memories with us below.

Eastbay Memory Lane // Air Jordan 10 'Steel' - Holiday 1994