words // Nick Engvall

The mid-nineties for many of us who were old enough to enjoy it, was one of the greatest eras for sneakers. Aside from the obvious basketball shoes that have since “become legendary,” there was the growth of Nike Training and the emergence of the incredible line of Ken Griffey Jr shoes. In the coming weeks, Nike will bring back one of the most memorable shoes to ever be worn on a baseball diamond which means that this week’s Eastbay Memory Lane gives us a chance to revisit a classic.

The “Emerald” Nike Air Griffey Max has yet be released in retro form since it released back in the mid-nineties. Back then, there weren’t many colors on the ball field that were outside of the standard black, white, red and blue. The Air Griffey Max became one of the first to step outside the metaphorical batter’s box of baseball cleat colors, and in large part because of that, The Kid’s signature shoes are still a popular model today.

The unique thing about the Emerald colorway of the Air Griffey Max, aside from it being never released as a retro, is the fact that Junior and Seattle Mariners were also going through a transition in their jersey colors. The change from the Royal Blue and Yellow Mariners jerseys to the Navy and Teal was the beginning of alternate jerseys, which for Junior meant that his Emerald Air Griffey Max was the perfect match for the young and exciting team in Seattle with a whole new look.


Nike Air Griffey Max Emerald Original - Eastbay Memory LaneNike Air Griffey Max Emerald Original OG- Eastbay Memory Lane