words // Brandon Richard

En route to his first NBA Championship with the Los Angeles Lakers in 2000, Kobe Bryant debuted a unique new signature shoe — the adidas Kobe.

To be perfectly honest, the Kobe was a polarizing design. You either loved it or you hated it, and that’s fine. In a way, that’s been somewhat of a microcosm of Kobe’s career. But you notice him, just like you noticed the adidas Kobe on court.

Inspired by the Audi TT, the Kobe’s curved molded build and midfoot arch were designed after the car’s grill, lights and wheel wells. The double-layered collar helped prevent ankle rolls and a 3D Torsion system balanced rearfoot and forefoot responsiveness.

In addition to Bryant, the Kobe was famously worn by teams like UCLA on the college level.

Kobe and adidas have since moved in different directions, but there will always be a following for Kobe’s ‘fro era’ signature models. For loyalists, the Kobe is on its way back soon, albeit with a new name — the Crazy 1.

Today’s Eastbay Memory Lane focuses on our Holiday 2000 issue, when the Kobe graced a page next to other memorable models like the Superstar 2G and the Bromium. Were any of these adidas Basketball shoes on your feet in 2000?

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