words // Luis Sanchez

Looking back on the early days of Kobe Bryant’s NBA career, one of the things most of us will always remember were his days with adidas which many would consider the golden era for The Three Stripes basketball footwear. For our latest trip down memory lane here at Eastbay, we bring you a look at one of the most recognized adidas Basketball shoes of Kobe Bryant’s early career.

Borrowing design techniques from the automotive industry, designer Elrick Lund Neilson designed The Kobe from the inside out, describing them as one of the most innovative basketball shoes at the time. Utilizing a variety of quality materials, The Kobe is still one of the most popular adidas silhouettes of all time.

Enjoy a look at the original adidas The Kobe and the rest of Eastbay’s early 2000′s adidas Basketball footwear below, as part of our latest trip down memory lane.