words // Luis Sanchez

For years, brands like Nike Sportswear and Reebok have treated the world to an endless variety of everyday sneakers. America’s go-to source for casual sneakers, Eastbay has offered the people all of the best from Nike, Reebok and even Fila for over 20 years now. Taking us all the way back to 1998, we take a look at some of the most popular casual sneakers Eastbay had to offer in the late ’90s.

The vintage Eastbay catalog scan takes us back to the days of the jewel Swoosh Air Force 1 Mid, the ACG Air Moc, and even the timeless Reebok Classic. Fila was also huge, with the Subway and Classico models available in several great colorways at the time. Even Sketchers was loved by many at time, as Eastbay offered the brand’s Image, Altitude and Milano silhouettes.

Continue below for Eastbay’s latest trip down memory lane, showcasing some of the most popular casual sneakers of the late ’90s.