words // Nick Engvall

Last night the Dallas Mavericks grabbed their first NBA Championship by defeating the Miami Heat. Of course, the Finals are bittersweet for fans of the NBA because it means a couple of months of going without meaningful basketball to watch. This year however, much like the NFL is experiencing a lockout that is preventing the players from getting back on the field, the NBA is also buzzing with similar rumors that foretell the possibility of an even longer off-season.¬†With that in mind, one of my favorite, long and pretty much forgotten, silhouettes from the late 90’s is what inspired this week’s Eastbay Memory Lane visit.

1998 was highlighted with some great basketball shoes. From this page in the February of 1998 catalog alone, the Grant Hill signature line from Fila was still one of the hottest out at the time, and the shoe formerly known as the KB-8, now called the adidas Crazy 8, was putting “Feet You Wear” on everyone’s radar. Another Feet You Wear model, the adidas Equipment Real Deal had adidas near the front of the pack in the race for lightweight, but there was one ironically-named shoe that grabbed my attention more than most back in the day.

The adidas Lockout was one of the lightest shoes around back then. Although its name has nothing to do with the current state of affairs the NBA is facing, the Lockout, somehow stuck in my mind through the years and made a return to my mind when looking ahead at the future, and thinking back to the past. adiPRENE cushioning and the popular Torsion System helped make this reasonably priced shoe tip the scales at just under 13 ounces, which would be impressive even by today’s standards. While the Lockout might not have stuck in everyone’s memory, silhouettes like the aforementioned KB-8, and other adidas shoes like the Elevation Mid and Artillery Mid, should give a blast from the past for you as well.

Now, hopefully this is the only Lockout we see for the next few months.


adidas and Fila Basketball Shoes 1998