words_Jordan Hagedorn

The cool thing about digging in the Eastbay Archive is seeing the variety of catalog covers from years past. I can only imagine the stories behind some of those covers.

For this week’s Eastbay Memory Lane we dig into the unique “Mouth Cover” from 1992. The tagline on that particular issue was “YOU READY?!!” Look below to see the cover and a couple pages from this 18 year old catalog.

The first page had the old school Shaq shoes from 1992. Look how skinny the Diesel was! Don’t forget about the Reign Man. This was before he had signature Reeboks but what a classic Reebok Duo in Shaq and Kemp!

Turning to Page 60, you’ll see some of the most classic early ’90s designs. Caricatures were so popular to put on tees at that point and there’s no doubt I had a few shirts like that. I guess you could say those caricature cartoons were similar to the Puppets of now.

That’s all for this week, check back next week as we’ll continue to look at some vintage Eastbays.